Obey the code

I believe that owning a gun is not just a right. It's a responsibility.

I believe that while anyone can own a gun, real gun owners use their heads. I believe a gun in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing. I will keep all of my guns unloaded, locked, and properly stored when not in use. I will be trained in how to use my gun. I will be answerable for every gun I own at all times. I will talk to my kids about the fact that there are guns in our home and those guns will be properly stored. I will speak out when I see people who are using guns without using their heads. I will respect what owning a gun means. I will respect the code.

I Agree

About respect

It's About Respect.

The snake is a symbol of respect and power.
Simple logic: if you step on a snake he'll bite. Same goes for guns. Loaded or unloaded, it is our belief that a gun should be respected at ALL TIMES.

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Piers Morgan Live

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